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Weighting Frameworks

The legislation that resulted in SMART SCALE specifies that the CTB shall weight the evaluation factors for each of the state’s nine VDOT Construction Districts, assigning different weights to the factors based on the unique needs and qualities of each District.  The figure below shows the SMART SCALE weighting typologies, or frameworks, for the nine construction districts.  Several of the construction districts have more than one SMART SCALE weighting typology.

Figure – SMART SCALE Weighting Typologies


As shown in the figure, the localities within the Hampton Roads MPA – excluding Gloucester County (which is included in the Fredericksburg Construction District), the City of Franklin, and Southampton County – are in the Category A weighting framework. Localities within the VDOT Hampton Roads Construction District, but outside of the Hampton Roads MPA, plus Franklin and Southampton County in their entirety, are in the Category D weighting framework.

The table below shows the weights to be applied to each of the evaluation factors for each weighting framework category.

Table – SMART SCALE Weighting Frameworks