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TRAFFIX Subcommittee

TRAFFIX - Transportation Alternatives Logo

The Traffix Subcommittee (TS) of TTAC is dedicated to providing commuters with all the services and information they need to choose alternatives to driving alone thereby saving gas and money, preventing air and water pollution, reducing traffic congestion, and improving the overall quality of life for those living, working or vacationing in Hampton Roads.

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Meeting Information

As a subcommittee of the TTAC, meeting information can be found on the HRTPO Events Calendar page, click here.


Carl Jackson, Portsmouth (Chair)

Chris Arabia, DRPT

Keisha Branch, HRT

Ben Camras, Chesapeake

Saul Gleiser, Newport News

Megan Gribble, Virginia Beach

Mike Hayes, Hampton

Angela Hopkins, Newport News

Luther Jenkins, Chesapeake

Joshua Moore, WATA

Jamie Oliver, Isle of Wight

Dr. Evandro Santos, Norfolk

Mark Shea, Virginia Beach

Eric Stringfield, VDOT

Non-voting Members

Herb Pittman, U. S. Navy

Ivan Rucker, FHWA

HRTPO Staff Representatives

Rob Case



List Updated:08/26/2021