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State of Transportation

As part of the Congestion Management Process, HRTPO staff annually prepares the State of Transportation in Hampton Roads Report.  The State of Transportation report details the current status and recent trends of all facets of the transportation system in Hampton Roads, including:

  • Air Travel
  • Port Data
  • Rail Travel
  • Bridges
  • Pavement Condition
  • Roadway Usage
  • Congestion Data
  • Commuting 
  • Roadway Safety
  • Truck Travel
  • Public Transportation
  • Active Transportation (Bicycling and Walking)
  • Transportation Financing 
  • Fuel Prices
  • Roadway Projects
  • Transportation Operations
  • Air Quality

The State of Transportation report also includes comparisons between Hampton Roads and other metropolitan areas throughout the United States in order to examine how various aspects of the regional transportation system are performing.  HRTPO staff used the 35 other metropolitan areas throughout the country with populations between one and three million people to make these comparisons.