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Rural Long-Range Transportation Plan (RLRTP)

The Rural Long-Range Transportation Plan (RLRTP) is part of an initiative to create regional transportation plans in rural areas that complement those in Virginia’s metropolitan and small urban areas.  The RLRTP is developed as a blueprint, or vision plan, to assess potential impacts of population and employment growth on the transportation system in rural areas regardless of anticipated funding availability.  For the Hampton Roads RLRTP, rural areas include the City of Franklin and Southampton County.



2045 Rural Long-Range Transportation Plan

HRTPO staff is in the process of updating the Hampton Roads RLRTP to the horizon year of 2045.  In collaboration with rural stakeholders, HRTPO staff has completed the evaluation and prioritization of draft transportation recommendations, highlighting recommendations that align with statewide VTrans Mid-Term Needs and Priorities.  The project evaluation process along with the overall RLRTP update is documented in the draft 2045 RLRTP report.


Hampton Roads 2045 Rural Long-Range Transportation Plan StoryMap 


Image with text for the 2045 RLRTP StoryMap and includes cover image of the report.


2040 Rural Long Range Transportation Plan Cover

2040 Rural Long-Range Transportation Plan

The current Hampton Roads Rural Long-Range Transportation Plan is for the horizon year 2040.  The plan identifies potential improvements through the year 2040 and is designed as a resource for local, regional, and state agencies to help identify transportation funding priorities.