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Public Participation Plan


A Vision for Public Participation

Realizing an efficient transportation system can only come from a true understanding of citizens’ diverse and far-ranging needs, the HRTPO is fully committed to involving and collaborating with Hampton Roads citizens in a public involvement process that is grounded in mutual problem solving and understanding. In other words, a process whereby citizens walk away satisfied in knowing their voice has been legitimately heard and their thoughts, ideas, and opinions have the potential to impact future HRTPO decisions. This principle has been at the core of all recent HRTPO public involvement activities, including the formation of a Community Advisory Committee (CAC), School Outreach Program and Environmental Justice Roundtable.

The HRTPO understands the public to mean all of those who have the potential to affect or be affected by the Hampton Roads transportation system. From bikers to environmental activists, the majority of Hampton Roads citizens have a stake in the future of our transportation system. In the pages to follow, some of those diverse communities likely to play a role in the future of the Hampton Roads’ transportation system are showcased. As part of the fabric that is “Our Hampton Roads”, outreach strategies based on each community’s unique historical, cultural, and social identity are included. Equally important, the HRTPO recognizes that not all communities and its members have enjoyed the same level of access or representation in transportation and other decisions made by public agencies. Therefore, as part of its public participation strategy, the HRTPO will take special steps and measures to understand and consider the wants, needs, and aspirations of minority, low-income, and other under served groups in Hampton Roads.

The intention of this publication is that it serve as a quick and easy guide for citizens to understand the HRTPO’s public participation approach and how one might become involved in shaping the future of transportation in Hampton Roads. The HRTPO Public Participation Plan  serves as the footpath  for HRTPO public involvement and outreach activities and is updated each year. 

For any questions regarding the Public Participation Plan, or to order copies of the Plan itself, call Mr. Matt Klepeisz, Communications Administrator at (757)420-8300.

Click here to download the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization (HRTPO) Public Participation Plan.