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Public Meeting Map

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The HRTPO encourages local residents to be involved with the regional transportation planning process by attending public meetings. As a result, the Public Meeting Map was developed to help the public understand the best approach to hold public meetings. This map is used as an interactive tool that displays an inventory of public meeting facilities throughout Hampton Roads.

At public meetings residents have the opportunity to engage in the transportation planning process by providing feedback at various stages; becoming educated and informed on particular stages of our process; sharing their individual perspectives on specific regional projects; and helping guide the TPO in planning for the region.

Public meetings help nurture a relationship between the HRTPO and the public that is based on transparency and accessibility. This will ensure that there is a system of accountability where the citizens understand:

  • Who we are?
  • What we do?
  • Why we do it?
  • How you can help?  

Furthermore, each meeting occurs in a regionally familiar location that is conveniently accessible by public transit.  Essentially, the TPO’s goal is to generate a comfortable environment of open dialogue about the transportation planning process within the region.