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Paths Connecting to the VA Capital Trail Survey



More major shared-used bike paths are being built in Hampton Roads to serve active transportation (bike, ped, etc.).

The  Virginia Beach oceanfront Boardwalk has been a decades long mainstay for our region, and now, more mega-paths have opened, including:

  • The Virginia Capital Trail from Richmond to Jamestown
  • The Elizabeth River Trail in Norfolk
  • The Seaboard Coastline Trail in Suffolk

In response to  the development of these new mega-paths, the Paths Connecting to the Capital Trail  (PCVCT) committee was formed.  This commitee, comprised of active transportation planners and engineers in Hampton Roads, has resolved to achieve the vision and development of two 30-mile paths connecting the South Hampton Roads Trail and Ft. Monroe to Jamestown and the Virginia Capital Trail.

The PCVTC committee needs your help in determing the routes for these two paths. 

Please share your opinion by viewing this map, and then taking a short survey.

 Click here to take the survey