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Operations and ITS

The HRTPO staff seeks to improve the operation of Hampton Roads’ transportation systems by:

Hampton Roads Transportation Operations (HRTO) Subcommittee

The Hampton Roads Transportation Operations subcommittee (HRTO) is a subcommittee of TTAC dedicated to improving transportation operations in the region.  Read More »


Hampton Roads’ first ITS plan was developed in 1995, and modified in 2000 to reflect the experience of the previous five years. After 2000, the region’s transportation needs and demands changed, and funding for many planned projects were frozen, reduced or removed.  Consequently, the Hampton Roads ITS Subcommittee decided that another strategic plan revision was needed to reflect the new transportation environment.  Read More »

Traffic Incident Management 

In 2004, the HRTO (formerly ITS) Subcommittee initiated the development of a Regional Concept of Transportation Operations for Traffic Incident Management (RCTO-TIM), for incident management. Read More »

Closures at River Crossings 

In 2013, HRTPO staff, in coordination with operators, developed regional procedures (and aids) for planned closures of river crossings. Read More »


HRTPO staff has provided evacuation analysis and recommendations for decision-makers over the last two decadesRead More »