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Long-Range Transportation Planning (LRTP)

Transportation systems that can effectively move people and goods is necessary for thriving communities and having access to reliable transportation options is essential in improving quality of life.  When considering transportation investments, it is important to not only identify short-term needs, but also long-term investments.  To accomplish this, the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization (HRTPO) develops a long-range regional blueprint, or Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), to help guide multimodal transportation investments that promote system efficiency while maximizing the use of scarce transportation resources.

LRTPs have a planning horizon of at least twenty years and are updated regularly (every five years in Hampton Roads) to reflect changing conditions and priorities such as growth forecasts, anticipated travel demand, advancements in transportation technology, and potential impacts to/from the environment.  LRTPs focus on all modes of travel, including highways, transit, and regional bicycle/walking trails.  The regional plan identifies transportation needs and a realistic way to fund projects that will help improve congestion, safety, reliability, and access for everyone.  The current LRTP for the region covers a planning horizon of 2021-2045.  The plan update, currently underway, will cover 2026-2050.

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Image showing the Vision-LRTP-TIP Relationship; Three interlocked circles with

Image showing LRTP Development Overview


Revisions to the LRTP

There are two types of revisions that can be made to the adopted LRTP:

  • Administrative Modification, which is a minor revision to the LRTP.  This includes minor changes to project or phase costs, minor changes to funding sources of previously included projects, and minor changes to project or phase initiation dates.  An administrative modification does not require public review and comment, demonstration of fiscal constraint, or a conformity determination.
  • Amendment, which is a major revision to the LRTP.  This includes the addition or deletion of a project, major changes to project or phase costs, major changes in design concept or scope (e.g., changing project termini or the number of through traffic lanes), and major changes in project or phase initiation dates.  An amendment requires public review and comment, demonstration of fiscal constraint, and a conformity determination.  For proposed amendments to the adopted LRTP, the HRTPO will provide the public a period of no less than 14 days to review and comment on the proposed change(s) prior to the action.  A public notice regarding the proposed amendment will also be posted on the HRTPO website.  All comments will be considered.