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Long Range Transportation Plan Subcommittee (LRTP)

HRTPO strives to provide every opportunity for the public to attend and provide public comments at our committee and subcommittee meetings.  Due to the nature of the LRTP subcommittee meeting structure, it occurs following the HRTPO TTAC meeting.  The meeting may occur slightly before or after the posted time on the HRTPO Meeting Calendar  In the event of a meeting occurring a time other than what is posted on the HRTPO website, all efforts will be made to accommodate the public, including the option of submitted written comments.

Troy Eisenberger (CH)
Tracy Jones-Schoenfeld (CH)
Grant Sparks (DRPT)
Ivan P. Rucker (FHWA)
Carol Rizzio (GL)
Michael Hayes (HA)
Ray Amoruso (HRT)
Jamie Oliver (IW)
Paul Holt (JC)
Michael King (NAVY)
Brian Fowler (NO)
Deborah Mangiaracina (NO)
Bryan Stilley (NN)
Carl Jackson (PO)
James Wright (PO)
Thomas Cannella II (PQ)
Beth Lewis (SH)
Robert Lewis (SU)
Jason Souders (SU)
Katie Shannon (VB)

Mark Shea (VB)
Todd Halacy (VDOT)
Eric Stringfield (VDOT)
Chris Voigt (VDOT)
Barbara Nelson (VPA)
Joshua Moore (WATA)
Carolyn Murphy (WM)
Timothy C. Cross (YK)

HRTPO Staff:
Dale M. Stith, AICP, GISP
Theresa K. Brooks