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HRTPO Regional Active Transportation Planning

The HRTPO is the lead agency on regional transportation planning.  As part of this, Active Transportation planning has been an integral part of our region’s transportation vision.   As part of this vision, HRTPO staff has produced the following reports to assist with local and regional planning:


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Regional Prioritization

Project prioritization is an essential part of developing the Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), as scores produced from this process will aid regional decision-makers in selecting projects for the plan.  For prioritization purposes, candidate projects are evaluated in separate categories.  Active Transportation candidate projects are evaluated as an independent category. 

For more information on the full Hampton Roads 2045 Long-Range Transportation Plan, click here

Regional Active Transportation Committees

Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee (PABAC)

The Hampton Roads District of the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) hosts quarterly meetings for their PABAC.  This committee focuses on reducing traffic congestion and more livable communities by encouraging the safe and continued use of bicycle and pedestrian facilities through the multi-faceted education of the pedestrian and bicycling community, vehicle operators, policymakers, and facility designers to ensure the recognition of pedestrians and bicyclists as necessary components of an inter-modal transportation system.  The HRTPO actively participates and contributes to the mission of PABAC. PABAC serves as a conduit by which the HRTPO, local governments, and AT advocates can communicate with VDOT on important issues concerning bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

HRTPO’s Active Transportation Subcommittee (ATS)

HRTPO’s Active Transportation Subcommittee is the agency’s subcommittee on regional active transportation planning.  The subcommittee was formed following the Birthplace of America Trail study in 2017. 

For more information on the Active Transportation Subcommittee members, click here

Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professional (APBP) Monthly Webinars

The HRTPO hosts APBP webinars to promote awareness of active transportation issues in the region for local planners and regional advocacy groups.  These webinars provide a great opportunity to stay informed of current issues and trends regarding bicycles and pedestrians.  Previous topics have included best practices, economic benefits, safety issues, and data gathering considerations.

Earlier HRTPO AT Work

Greenbrier Area Pedestrian Safety Study May 2004 

Ped. Facilities Cost Model Jul 1996

Pedestrian Access Analysis Jan 1995

A Cost Model of Bikeways, Vols. I & II Mar 1994

Suffolk CBD Pedestrian Circulation & Safety Jun 1982

Regional Bikeway Facilities Plan Apr 1981

Bikeway Plan and Guidelines for Southeastern Va. May 1976

Non-Driver Studies web page