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HRTPO Public Transit Studies

Hampton Roads Regional Transit Benchmarking - Feb-17

Mode Choices of Millennials - Sep-15

Rethinking the Future of Alternative Transportation in Light of Millennial Usage:

Hampton Roads - Nov-15

United States - Nov-15

Factors Explaining Public Transit Usage:

See Successful Intermodal Corridor Management in Hampton Roads, pgs. 9-11 - Oct-15

Traffix Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2014 - Dec-14

Traffix Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2013 - Mar-14

Non-Driver Residential Locations at the Census Block Level by Vehicle Availability - Nov-09

Non-Driver Opportunity Analysis - Jun-09

Location of Non-Drivers in Hampton Roads - Jun-08

Transit Shuttle Projects: Literature Review and Best Practices - Jun-08

(2030 LRTP) Highway and Transit Project List Only (includes maps) - Dec-07

Improving Mobility of Non-Drivers: Neighborhood Gaps Analysis - Jun-07

Improving the Mobility of Non-Drivers Using Proximity to Destinations and Bus Routes - Jun-07

Snapshot of Non-Drivers in Hampton Roads: Summary of HRPDC Non-Driver Phone Survey - Jun-07

Improving Mobility for Non-Drivers Ages 18-64 - Nov-06

Elderly & Handicapped Transportation in 2030 - Part 1 - Jun-05

Midtown Tunnel Closure Traffic and Transit Analysis - Jul-04

Analysis of Light Rail Transit Benefits - Dec 1988

Community Based Transit - Mar 1983

Community Based Transit Demand Analysis - Jan 1984

Downtown Norfolk Transit Evaluation - Jun 1983

Downtown Norfolk Transit Study - Jan 1982

Mobility Needs of Unserved (w/ appendix) - Apr 1998

Norfolk Transit Alternatives Express Route Evaluation - Jun 1984

Norfolk Transit Service Evaluation - Jun 1996

Norfolk Transit Study - Mar 1986

Portsmouth Transit System Evaluation - Feb 1984

Public Trans. Funding & Allocation Process in HR - Jun 1995

SE VA. Regional Park and Ride Study - Jan 1981


Studies that are unavailable via PDF link above can be had by contacting Kathlene Grauberger, Senior Administrative Assistant, at kgrauberger@hrtpo.org.