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HRTPO and Your Community


As the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for Hampton Roads, the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization (HRTPO) is the place where regional transportation decisions are made.  The Mayors of all 15 Hampton Roads’ cities and counties and our planning partners (forming the HRTPO Board) come together to ensure the responsible and sustainable development of a well-balanced transportation system that works for all.  This means, lending one voice and vision for addressing some of Hampton Roads’ toughest transportation issues, including project funding, congestion relief, safety, and tolling impacts. Before any highway or transit project using federal funds or deemed regionally-significant can be constructed in Hampton Roads, it must first be approved by the HRTPO. 

One of the cornerstones of responsible regional transportation planning is involvement of those who stand to be affected – you.  Without your engagement, our region’s success in addressing the above is limited.  To that end, we have made it our mission to inform every citizen in Hampton Roads of their role in the regional transportation planning process. We are therefore committed to providing a forum for the open exchange of ideas, transparency, mutual learning, and informed and representative decision-making.

If you haven’t had the HRTPO make a presentation at your meeting and would like to learn more about the HRTPO and how you can impact the transportation decisions being made here in Hampton Roads, click here.

The decisions made here affect your everyday life.  Ensure your perspective is represented and continues to be accounted for in a process that is defined by transparency and accessibility.