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Hampton Roads Transportation Operations Subcommittee (HRTO)

The Hampton Roads Transportation Operations subcommittee (HRTO) is a subcommittee of TTAC dedicated to improving transportation operations in the region. The HRTO is comprised of transportation professionals from Hampton Roads jurisdictions, Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), local transit agencies, Virginia Port Authority (VPA), and other invited participants, such as local police and fire/EMS personnel. The HRTO:

  • Serves as an advisory subcommittee to TTAC on operational issues
  • Serves as a forum for discussion of methods members can use to improve traffic operations in their localities and agencies.
  • Assists in the development of the regional ITS Strategic Plan and the regional ITS architecture.

Recent actions by the HRTO subcommittee include updating the ITS Strategic Plan/Operations Strategy, creating regional standards for Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) technologies, sharing accomplishments and lessons learned from individual city Transportation Operations Centers (TOC), learning about new signal hardware and firmware, and testing the ability to share control of city signal systems after hours with VDOT.


Michael Miller, VDOT - Co-Chair

Robert Lewis, Suffolk - Co-Chair

Leo Blades, Hampton     

Carol Bowen, Hampton      

Kamlesh Chowdhary, HRT

Randy Cooper, Newport News

Michael Corwin, VDOT

Karen Davis, WATA

Brian Defreeuw, Suffolk

Kevin Eppley, Chesapeake

Ben Goodill, WATA

Frank Hickman, Virginia Beach

Stephen Kopczynski, York County

Brian Mosier, VDOT

Barbara Nelson, VPA

Mike Shahsiah, Virginia Beach

Eric Stringfield, VDOT

Danny Williams, Portsmouth

James Wright, Portsmouth



Keith Nichols, HRTPO

Sam Belfield, HRTPO


List Updated: 04/05/2023


HRTO Meeting in Hampton, June 9, 2015