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Freight Transportation Advisory Committee (FTAC)

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Mission Statement:

The Mission of The Freight Technical Advisory Committee of the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization is to advocate on behalf of the systematic needs for the transport and movement of freight in the region. The committee will act as an advocate for freight issues and bring awareness of those issues to the public, key stakeholders and policy makers.


In 2009, the HRTPO Board created the Freight Transportation Advisory Committee (FTAC) to provide an opportunity for the freight industry to participate in and contribute to the regional transportation planning process.  According to HRTPO bylaws, “The FTAC will conduct public outreach activities that help TPO efforts to explain and help raise awareness of the importance of freight transportation to the region and to collect region-wide public input on these matters.”  Key freight business and community leaders in Hampton Roads have recognized that efficient freight transportation is a key factor in statewide and metropolitan economic competitiveness and have willingly served on FTAC since its establishment.


  • FTAC produced a video presenting the importance of freight, “A Region United” (2011).
  • FTAC co-sponsored the Virginia Freight Transportation Summit (2011).
  • Provided input and technical guidance to HRTPO staff for planning efforts such as the Regional Freight Study and other freight-related studies. (2011-2015)
  • FTAC passed a resolution that “endorses the freight provisions of MAP-21” (2012).
  • FTAC submitted comments on “Interim Guidance on State Freight Plans and Advisory Committees” to FHWA (2012).
  • FTAC co-hosted (with Virginia Port Authority [VPA] and the Virginia Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment [OIPI]) a Virginia Freight Roundtable Breakfast and a Freight Panel at the 2012 Governors Transportation Conference in Tysons Corner. (2012).
  • FTAC added comments to HRTPO staff’s comments on FHWA’s Primary Freight Network (PFN) (2014).
  • FTAC passed a resolution supporting a future Interstate designation for the Hampton Roads to Raleigh Highway Corridor (2014).
  • FTAC provided LRTP assistance:
    • FTAC staff identified 21 freight projects among the 2040 LRTP candidate projects (2014).
    • FTAC provided comments to the HRTPO staff concerning the FTAC-identified freight projects.  HRTPO staff response to these comments resulted in the Hampton Blvd/Terminal Blvd project’s Prioritization Tool score rising from the third highest to the highest in the list of five 2040 LRTP Intermodal Transportation Candidate Projects (2015).
    • Art Moye, FTAC Co-Chair, sent HRTPO staff a letter on February 2, 2015, identifying “top six projects to be considered for inclusion in the 2040 LRTP” (2015)
  • Requested and assisted with the study – “Economic Assessment of Tolls on Freight Transportation in the Hampton Roads Region” (2015).
  • FTAC prepared a resolution to the HRTPO Board for the Hampton Roads Crossing Study (HRCS) Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) (2016).
  • FTAC worked with HRTPO staff and Virginia Port Authority staff to provide input and guidance for the Hampton Roads Regional Freight Study: 2017 Update (2016-2017)
  • FTAC assisted HRTPO staff with the 2045 Long-Range Transportation Plan, including endorsing a list of candidate projects to be analyzed as part of the Project Prioritization Process (2016-2020)
  • FTAC provided input and revisions to FTAC bylaws (2019-2020)


The FTAC consists of nine members, eight from private industry plus one HRTPO Board member who serves as one of two FTAC Co-Chairs.  The HRTPO Chair appoints one of the eight private sector FTAC members as the other FTAC Co-Chair, who also serves as a non-voting member of the HRTPO Board.  Virginia Port Authority (VPA) staff primarily handles the administration of FTAC (agendas, minutes, etc.), with HRTPO staff providing technical assistance and research.  


Lawrence Ewan,
Continental Terminals
Co-Chairperson and
Non-Voting Member of the HRTPO Board

David White,
Virginia Maritime Association

Rick Morris,
Canon Virginia, Inc.

Mike Abbott,
Hapag-Lloyd (America) LLC

Marcia Capelli,
Newport News Shipbuilding

Bob Eveleigh
Port City Transportation

Cannon Moss
Norfolk & Portsmouth Belt Line Railroad

Virginia Port Authority Staff Liasion

Barbara Nelson

HRTPO Staff Liasions

Pavithra Parthasarathi
Keith Nichols
Sam Belfield


List Updated: 04/20/2021