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Closures at River Crossings

In response to the traffic disruptions resulting from the simultaneous closings of the HRBT and James River Bridge (JRB) in September 2012, HRTPO staff lead the operators of key river crossings in Hampton Roads—via the Hampton Roads Transportation Operations (HRTO) subcommittee of Transportation Technical Advisory Committee (TTAC)—in the preparation of a regional procedures document for planned closures at these crossings (see link below). 

Staff prepared several drafts based on the scope of work and comments from the operators.  In addition, staff prepared numerical aids (see link below) and an electronic spreadsheet (see link below) that automates the impact calculation of the closure document. 

In August 2013, the operators implemented the procedures (initially on a trial basis).  In October, 2013, the HRTO Subcommittee approved the regional procedures document and the final regional procedures document was approved by the HRTPO Board in January, 2014.

The HRTO Subcommittee and HRTPO staff will be updating the Closures at River Crossings procedures and document in 2023-2024.

Regional Procedures for Planned Closures at River Crossings

A Method of Estimating the Impact of Crossing Closures in Hampton Roads

Spreadsheet to Calculate River Crossing Closure Impact (updated 05/30/2017)