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2050 Long-Range Transportation Plan

Picture a world with high-speed trains, electric buses, and bike lanes galore. Imagine being able to travel to work in a driverless car, even a flying one. These are just a few of the ideas that transportation planners consider when developing long-range transportation plans for the region.

In Hampton Roads, the Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) is updated every five years and covers a planning horizon of at least twenty years. The plan is developed in collaboration with regional stakeholders and the public, and identifies current and future transportation issues, evaluates potential solutions, and prioritizes affordable investments. The current 2045 LRTP, adopted by the HRTPO in June 2021, includes transportation recommendations between 2021-2045. Work has begun on developing recommendations for the next 2050 LRTP, which will cover a planning horizon of 2026-2050.  This is a multi-year process which is scheduled to be completed in 2026. Please check back periodically to see progress and opportunities to provide feedback on the 2050 LRTP.

2050 LRTP Milestones -series of circles with text outlining the timeline milestones for the 2050 LRTP



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A goal of the 2050 LRTP is to provide Transportation for All, ensuring that the transportation system is resilient, can accommodate future growth, and provide safe and efficient mobility for all users. However, when looking forward 20+ years, there is so much that is unknown. To address this challenge, the 2050 LRTP is being developed using exploratory scenario planning, a technique that involves considering a range of possible futures that could impact transportation, such as:  population and economic growth, climate change, and technological advances. This approach allows transportation planners to anticipate and prepare for uncertainty by identifying potential risks and opportunities.

Scenario planning is being used in concert with project prioritization to identify the most robust, resilient, and cost-effective projects. The HRTPO Project Prioritization Tool evaluates candidate projects considering factors such as safety, congestion relief, and economic and environmental impacts. By identifying the highest priority projects, planners can make the most efficient use of available resources and maximize the impact of each investment.

HRTPO staff is currently working with stakeholders to refine scenario narratives for the 2050 LRTP. A public survey soliciting feedback on “drivers of change” that can impact how the region develops and future travel was conducted between July and August 2023.  Staff also conducted regional priority surveys in late 2022 to help refine the vision and goals for the plan. Feedback from these surveys will be documented in a forthcoming report.  Please check back for the 2050 LRTP scenario planning framework. 

2050 LRTP Reports 

The 2050 LRTP will be documented through a series of reports - please check back.

Share your thoughts and ideas! 

Public input from a diverse range of voices is another critical aspect in developing effective transportation plans. Community members and organizations provide valuable insights into local needs and priorities, which helps ensure that the LRTP is equitable, reflecting the needs of the people who will be impacted by it. Please see the opportunities below to share your thoughts and ideas.

Hampton Roads 2050 LRTP Candidate Project Portal

HRTPO staff is seeking input to help identify transportation needs and issues in the region. The public is invited to submit candidate project suggestions to be considered for the 2050 LRTP by visiting the Hampton Roads 2050 LRTP Candidate Project Portal. The portal can be accessed by clicking the following link: https://arcg.is/11jPz8


If you prefer to submit your ideas using a web-based form or email/mail/fax a form, please use the following links.

TO SUBMIT A PROJECT USING OUR WEB-BASED FORM (all responses from this form will be automatically submitted to HRTPO staff): https://forms.office.com/r/HCzsDf5UGZ



Please email/mail/fax forms to the LRTP Team at:





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Attn: LRTP Team

Attn:  LRTP Team

By engaging with diverse stakeholders and considering a range of potential scenarios, planners can develop a comprehensive and affordable plan that considers the needs and priorities of the community, ensuring that the transportation system is safe, efficient, resilient, and sustainable for years to come.