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2050 Long-Range Transportation Plan

Maintaining the current transportation system and preparing for future transportation needs requires considerable regional collaboration, public input, and years of planning.  As the federally designated regional transportation planning organization for Hampton Roads, the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization (HRTPO) develops and maintains a Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), which serves as the region’s transportation blueprint. 

The region’s current 2045 LRTP covers a planning horizon of 2021-2045 and was adopted by the HRTPO on June 17, 2021.  Since LRTPs are updated regularly (every five years in Hampton Roads) to reflect changing conditions, HRTPO staff has started work on updating the LRTP to the next planning horizon year of 2026-2050.  Over the next few years, HRTPO staff will work with local, state, and federal stakeholders as well as with communities across the region to develop the 2050 LRTP.

Please check back periodically for new information on the development of the 2050 LRTP.

2050 LRTP Milestones -series of circles with text outlining the timeline milestones for the 2050 LRTP