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HRTPO Staff Member Helping Lead Federal Research Project
HRTPO Special Studies
Light Rail Providing 5,000 Rides per Weekday
Structurally Deficient and Functionally Obsolete Bridges in Hampton Roads
 DRAFT General Crash Data and Trends Report
HRTPO Board Approves Citizens Guide to Transportation in Hampton Roads
Action Summary: October 20, 2011 Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization Board Meeting October 20, 2011
How Can I Commute for the Biggest Bang for My Buck
HRTPO Launches New Interactive Website for the TIP
New Census Data Details Commuting Characteristics in Hampton Roads
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Latest News
May 9, 2023 - Uros Jovanovic, Transportation Engineer II
May 9, 2023 - Kathlene Grauberger, Tansportation Planner II
March 14, 2023 - Jeff Raliski, Transportation Analyst II