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HRTPO Board Action Summary

HRTPO Board Action Summary

Action Summary

Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization Board Meeting

September 21, 2017

The Regional Board Room, 723 Woodlake Drive, Chesapeake, Virginia

 1.    Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by the Chair at 9:33 a.m.

 2.    Approval of Agenda

The HRTPO Board unanimously approved the agenda as written.

 3.     Public Comment Period (limit 3 minutes per individual)


A Citizen from Portsmouth expressed her concern regarding both the Commonwealth Transportation Board’s proposed SMART SCALE policy changes and the Transportation Improvement Program’s procedures.


A Citizen from Newport News voiced his disagreement regarding the conversion of the HOV-2 lanes to I-64 Express/HOT Lanes, scheduled to open in December 2017.


A Citizen from Norfolk expressed concern that funding may be cut for port security.


A Citizen from Portsmouth commented that Hampton Roads’ prospects for luring corporate Amazon to the area are not good due to lack of transit options.

4.    SMART SCALE: Proposed Policy Changes for Round 3: Nick Donohue, Deputy Secretary of Transportation

Mr. Nick Donohue, Deputy Secretary of Transportation, briefed the HRTPO Board on Rounds 1 and 2 of the SMART SCALE Statewide Prioritization Process and noted that each construction district received more money under SMART SCALE and State of Good Repair programs than with the previous 40-30-30 funding formula.


Mr. Donohue discussed the proposed changes to the implementation of SMART SCALE policy for Round 3 and noted that the process is not intended to replace committed funding sources.  He stated that if a project is fully funded in a Capital Improvement Program (CIP), it is not eligible for consideration under SMART SCALE. 


He noted that the proposed policy changes will be brought to the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) for approval consideration at its October meeting.

5.    Approval of Consent Items

The HRTPOBoard unanimously approved the Consent Agenda items.

6.    HRTPO Board Three-Month Tentative Schedule

This item was for informational purposes.

7.    For Your Information

This item was for informational purposes.


8.    Old/New Business

Mr. James Utterback, VDOT Hampton Roads District Administrator, reported that VDOT released a Notice of Intent to award the contract for the I-64 Southside Widening and High-Rise Bridge project for approximately $405 million, considerably less than the projected $600 million.  He noted that barring no complications during the 10-day protest period, the CTB would potentially award this contract at the end of October.


Mr. Utterback updated the Board regarding Segment 3 of the I-64 Peninsula Widening project and stated the contract should be awarded sometime in December.  He noted that the contract award for the second phase of the I-64/I-264 Interchange Improvements project has been slightly delayed; however, he stated that bids are due in November with the CTB potentially awarding the contract in December. 


He remarked that the I-64 Peninsula Widening Segment 1 project is scheduled for completion December 1st of this year and stated more information regarding the ribbon cutting ceremony would be forthcoming.



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