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Action Summary Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization Board Meeting September 15, 2016

Action Summary Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization Board Meeting September 15, 2016

Action Summary
Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization Board Meeting
September 15, 2016
The Regional Board Room, 723 Woodlake Drive, Chesapeake, Virginia

1.     Call to Order
  The meeting was called to order by the Chair at 11:04 a.m.
2.     Approval of Agenda
The Board approved the agenda with the addition of Item #10.1 Freight Transportation Advisory Committee (FTAC) Update.
3.     Executive Director Report
Mr. Robert Crum referred HRTPO Board members to the agenda packet for a brief summary of current work activities of the HRTPO.
4.     Commonwealth Transportation Board Member Update
Mr. John Malbon reported that the CTB will meet September 20-21, 2016 and that the public comment period is open for the HRCS SEIS.
5.     Virginia Department of Transportation Update
Mr. James Utterback provided an update on the progress of the I-64/I-264 Interchange-Phase 1 project and mentioned that the contract award will be finalized by the CTB at their meeting next week.
6.     Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation Update
Ms. Jennifer Mitchell reported that the DRPT is working with two advisory groups to look at transit funding sources for the Hampton Roads Region, transit capital revenues, and a new prioritization framework similar to SMART SCALE for new capacity projects.  She stated that work is continuing on the higher-speed rail Tier II EIS from Richmond to D.C.
7.     Virginia Port Authority Update
Mr. Reinhart announced that work is progressing on the North Gates at NIT and that the project should be complete in June 2017. He stated that RFP’s have been submitted for Phase 1 of the NIT improvements and that the board will be meeting in Portsmouth next week at the Virginia International Gateway.
8.     HRT and WATA Updates
Mr. William Harrell reported that the planning team will be hosting public workshops in October on the Peninsula Corridor Study and that the public announcements are forthcoming.
9.     Citizen Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC) Update
Ms. Danaher stated that two recurring questions have been discussed at CTAC meetings.  She mentioned that one has to do with support for HRT and the other has to do with a flood barrier project idea presented by a member of the public.
10. Military Liaisons Updates
Capt. Rick Wester provided an update on the North Landing Bridge repairs and stated that the bridge will remain closed to navigation from October 11, 2016 through October 14, 2016.
Capt. Michael Moore announced that he is the new Chief of Staff at Navy Mid-Atlantic Region and that he looks forward to working with everyone in the future.
Col. Joseph Laudner had no comments or updates.
 10.1 Freight Transportation Advisory Committee (FTAC) Update
Chair Art Moye reported that freight movement generates $88 billion in revenue spending, 530,000 jobs, and 10.1% of GDP in the Commonwealth. He stated that the FTAC supports Alternatives “B” & “D” of the HRCS SEIS and that the region should carefully consider the sequence of construction of the LPA in order to minimize congestion. Mr. Moye provided the Board with a resolution of support outlining the HRCS SEIS alternatives.
11. HRCS – SEIS: Technical Analysis and Discussion
Mr. Bob Crum provided a briefing on the Hampton Roads Crossing Study – Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, highlighting Alternatives A-D.  He provided the Board with background information and the HRCS SEIS purpose and need. Dr. Ravanbakht provided a detailed analysis of Alternatives A-D with an emphasis on travel times, volume-to-capacity ratios, and cost effectiveness. Mr. Crum summarized a timetable for the next steps which include the formal action and approval of the preferred alternative by the CTB in December 2016.  He urged all Board members to review the alternatives and analyses with their stakeholders.
12. HOV to HOT Lane Conversion (I-64 Reversible Lanes) Resolution of Support
Mr. Utterback provided a briefing on the potential benefits and implications of a HOV to HOT conversion to improve reliability and reduce congestion in general purpose and HOV lanes. He stated that Segment 1 (I-564 to I-264) is financially feasible and that VDOT will recommend that the CTB take action on this option. This item was included in the meeting agenda for approval under item #17-H.
13. Public Comment Period (limit 3 minutes per individual)
A citizen from Portsmouth expressed that she opposed Light Rail expansion and commented on various governmental and non-governmental entities.
A citizen from Newport News commented that he supports Alternative “A” of the HRCS SEIS and that the other alternatives would have to be prioritized.
A citizen from Norfolk commented that he supports alternative “D” and Light Rail Expansion in Virginia Beach. He complimented the work of HRTPO staff in providing analyses of the HRCS SEIS.  
14. Submitted Public Comments
There was one submitted public comment.
15. Transcribed Public Comments From Previous HRTPO Meeting
This item was for informational purposes.
16.  SMART SCALE: HRTPO Project Proposals & Requests for HRTPO Resolutions of Support
Mr. Kimbrel briefed the Board on the HRTPO staff recommendations for SMART SCALE projects in priority order: I-64 Southside Widening and High Rise Bridge – Phase 1 and I-64/I-264 Interchange – Phases 1 and 2. He also noted that the HRTPO had received 11 letters from Hampton Roads localities and transit agencies requesting HRTPO resolutions of support for 26 projects to be submitted under SMART SCALE. The HRTPO Board unanimously approved the HRTPO SMART SCALE projects, priority order of the projects, and resolutions of support for projects to be submitted by localities and transit agencies.
17. Approval of Consent Items
The HRTPO Board unanimously approved the Consent Agenda items.
18. HRTPO Board Three-Month Tentative Schedule
This item was for informational purposes.
19. Correspondence of Interest
This item was for informational purposes.
20. Minutes of HRTPO Committee Meetings
 This item was for informational purposes.
21. For Your Information
This item was for informational purposes.
22. Old/New Business
There was no Old/New business.

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