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The HRTPO wants your input!

The HRTPO wants your input!

Imagine the year 2040 - what will Hampton Roads look like? How will we get around? What transportation choices will be available for the next generation? 

Look out for the latest HRTPO survey on vital transportation issues in Hampton Roads.  This new survey is part of the region’s Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), titled, Navigating the Future to 2040 - the transportation blueprint for our region’s transportation future.   The plan identifies critically important transportation improvements that impact the region’s economic vitality and every citizen’s quality of life.  
The development of the LRTP is a four-year process and the efforts during the first year focus on ways to involve and engage the public in developing a vision for the Hampton Roads region.  

This survey is part of a comprehensive public involvement effort developed at the HRTPO and is the first in a series of surveys designed to obtain public input on regional transportation issues, needs and priorities.  The survey questions cover broad issues on transportation in the region such as congestion, rising costs of transportation and access to public transportation, to name a few.  

The survey will take about 5 minutes to complete and will be available in October on the HRTPO website (www.hrtpo.org) as well as other related websites and in locations throughout Hampton Roads.

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