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Red Light Cameras in Hampton Roads

Red Light Cameras in Hampton Roads

After a ten-year experimental period expired in 2005, the Virginia State legislature reauthorized the use of red light running enforcement cameras in 2007. Under this program, the first red light enforcement camera in Hampton Roads was installed in early 2009 in Virginia Beach. Since that time, an additional 21 intersections have received red light cameras - 12 in Virginia Beach, 6 in Chesapeake, and 3 in Newport News.

Before cameras can be installed at an intersection, an engineering study must be completed that demonstrates the need for the cameras. The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) also specifies necessary yellow and all-red intervals for the traffic signals, based on the roadway speed and intersection size. With camera enforcement of red light running, the penalty is a civil fine (maximum of $50) similar to a parking ticket. The notice of the violation is sent to the owner of the vehicle and no other penalties (such as "points" against the driver's license) are assessed.

Figure 1 - Location of Red Light Cameras in Hampton Roads

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