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New Census Data Describes How We Commute in Hampton Roads

New Census Data Describes How We Commute in Hampton Roads

The U.S. Census Bureau recently released data from the American Community Survey for the year 2009.  The American Community Survey contains a variety of information collected from millions of surveys distributed nationwide regarding population, housing, economics, and demographics.
As part of the American Community Survey, the Census Bureau collects data relating to commuting to work throughout the United States.  Information regarding where we work, how we commute to work (do we drive alone, carpool, use public transportation, walk/bike, or work at home), when we leave for work, and how long it takes us to commute to work is included.  Some interesting regional tidbits from the 2009 American Community Survey include:

•  82 % of Hampton Roads commuters drove alone to work each day in 2009.  This percentage ranks Hampton Roads 7th highest among 35 metropolitan areas with populations between one and three million people across the United States.  The number of Hampton Roads commuters that drive alone to work each day has increased through the years, up from 60% in 1980, 73% in 1990, and 79% in 2000.
•  The average amount of time it took to commute to work in Hampton Roads was 23 minutes in 2009.  This was the 9th shortest time among the 35 comparable metropolitan areas as described above.  The average travel time to work in Hampton Roads has not varied significantly through the years; in 1990 it was 22 minutes and in 2000 it was 24 minutes.
•  Almost half (49%) of Hampton Roads commuters work in a locality that is different than the one they reside in.  This number increased from 41% in 1980 and 44% in 1990, but is equal to the 49% observed in Hampton Roads in 2000.

More information regarding the American Community Survey is available from the U.S. Census Bureau at http://www.census.gov/acs.

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