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HRTPO Board Approves Citizens Guide to Transportation in Hampton Roads

HRTPO Board Approves Citizens Guide to Transportation in Hampton Roads

At its October 2011 meeting, the HRTPO Board unanimously approved the 2011-2012 Citizens Guide to Transportation, the latest effort to help Hampton Roads citizens gain a better understanding of the transportation planning process and outline how they can become involved in that process.

Developed over the past year, the Citizens Guide provides the public with a consolidated, straightforward source of information about Hampton Roads and the projects, programs, and work of the HRTPO.  The first of its kind among Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and Transportation Planning Organizations (HRTPOs) across the country, the Citizens Guide is  presented as a 2-pocket folder of pull-out inserts that are organized so that readers can quickly and easily find out, among other things, how transportation projects are prioritized and selected, who makes up the HRTPO, and the ways in which the public can provide their insight and knowledge about the transportation problems and needs of Hampton Roads.  The Citizens Guide also features a list of commonly used acronyms and information on who may be contacted for more information. 

The Citizens Guide will play a vital role in achieving the public involvement and community outreach goals of HRTPO, and help ensure that individuals from all walks of life have the opportunity to participate in decision-making processes concerning how their transportation dollars are spent in Hampton Roads.   

To pick up a hard copy of the Citizens Guide, please visit us at 723 Woodlake Drive, Chesapeake, VA 23320 or call Brian Chenault, Community Outreach Planner, at 757-420-8300.   An interactive, online version of the Citizens Guide will also soon be placed on our website (www.hrtpo.org).

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