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Regional Performance Measures 2013 Evaluation

Regional Performance Measures  2013 Evaluation

HRTPO has published the latest values for the Regional Performance Measures (RPMs) established last year.

In 2009, the General Assembly passed legislation giving the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) authority to “require that appropriate regional organizations develop…quantifiable measures and achievable goals…relating to, but not limited to, congestion reduction and safety, transit and high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) usage, job-to-housing ratios, job and housing access to transit and pedestrian facilities, air quality, movement of freight by rail, and per capita vehicle miles traveled.” 

In April 2012, the HRTPO Board approved targets for Hampton Roads’ Regional Performance Measures (RPMs) and 2012 values for  these RPMs, and forwarded both to the Office of the Secretary of Transportation. 

In June 2013, HRTPO staff prepared an annual update of RPM values using the latest data available.

Based on comments received last year from the public and from the Board, two new measures have been added: 1) On-Time Performance (Amtrak), 2) Operating Cost Ratio (Amtrak).

Examining multi-year trends, the numbers show a declining trend for traffic accidents, increasing on-time performance for Amtrak, and improving air quality.

The HRTPO Board approved the list at its September 19 meeting.

The Board used the HRTPO prioritization tool—being based on many of these RPM measures—in selecting projects for the 2013 Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP).  Staff recommends that the Board likewise use the HRPTO prioritization tool when selecting projects for the next LRTP (2040).

Staff plans to revise the RPM list in the future, as necessary to comply with the new federal transportation bill, MAP-21.  In FY14 staff plans to prepare freight performance measures for MAP-21. 

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