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The 2040 Rural Long-Range Transportation Plan Update

The 2040 Rural Long-Range Transportation Plan Update

The Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization (HRTPO) is updating the Rural Long-Range Transportation Plan (RLRTP) to the horizon year 2040.  This is a transportation plan that is specifically created for Southampton County and the City of Franklin, rural localities within Hampton Roads.  Following its completion, this will be the first time that both the metropolitan and rural Long-Range Transportation Plans (LRTPs) will have matching horizon years.  Another new element that will be incorporated in the updated RLRTP is the use of the HRTPO Project Prioritization tool that was utilized in the current metropolitan 2034 LRTP as well as the evaluation of candidate projects for the 2040 LRTP.  For the purposes of the RLRTP update, the Project Prioritization Tool has been modified in order to address rural transportation issues.  Applying the Project Prioritization Tool will provide information that will aid in the recommendation of a prioritized list of projects for Franklin and Southampton County.

What is this Rural Long-Range Transportation Plan?

The RLRTP is part of an ongoing initiative to create regional transportation plans in rural areas that complement those in Virginia’s metropolitan and small urban areas.  The RLRTP looks at improvements that can be made in the near-term and in the future, as far as the year 2040, in order to assess the effects of population and employment growth upon the transportation system. 

Each RLRTP is developed as a blueprint, or vision plan, to address all of the needs of the transportation system, regardless of anticipated funding availability.  This regional plan can then be used by local, regional, and state agencies to identify transportation funding priorities. 

To access the current 2035 Rural Long-Range Transportation Plan for Hampton Roads, click here:

2035 Rural Long Range Transportation Plan

2035 RLRTP Technical Report

Note: The RLRTP for Gloucester County is developed and maintained by the Middle Peninsula PDC; the RLRTP for Surry County is developed and maintained by the Crater PDC.