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Action Summary Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization Board Meeting October 15, 2015

Action Summary Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization Board Meeting October 15, 2015

Action Summary
Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization Board Meeting
October 15, 2015
The Regional Board Room, 723 Woodlake Drive, Chesapeake, Virginia

1.     Call to Order
  The meeting was called to order by the Chair at 10:40 a.m.
Election of officers
HRTPO Board elections were held and Ms. Linda T. Johnson (SU) agreed to serve as Chair, Mr. George Wallace (HM) agreed to serve as Vice-Chair, and Mr. Robert A. Crum Jr. (HRTPO) agreed to serve as Secretary.
2.     Approval of Agenda
The Board approved the agenda.
3.     Executive Director Report
Mr. Robert A Crum Jr. provided a brief summary of work activities to the HRTPO Board.
4.     Employee Recognition
The Board recognized Kendall Miller, Kathlene Grauberger, and Brian Miller for their years of outstanding service to the HRTPO.
5.     Commonwealth Transportation Board Member Update
Mr. John Malbon reported that the October 2015 CTB meeting was postponed until later in the month because of the Governor’s Transportation Conference.
6.     Virginia Department of Transportation Update
Mr. James Utterback reported that 321 HB2 applications were submitted statewide for approximately $7 billion and that 45 were submitted from the Hampton Roads Region for nearly $1.8 billion.  He announced that the VDOT Fall Meeting (town hall) will be held at the Regional Building on November 10, 2015 from 4:30-6:30pm.  He stated that the I-264/I-64 resurfacing project and the Southampton bridge project are ahead of schedule and on budget. He noted that the I-64 Widening Segment I work is continuing with construction activity set to begin this November and that the Segment II technical proposals will be awarded  in December 2015.
7.     Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation Update
Mr. Bob Crum, Executive Director, HRTPO, reported to the HRTPO Board that he attended a meeting with Ms. Jennifer Mitchell, Director, DRPT, recently to discuss approaches for funding the Tier II Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) between Hampton Roads and Richmond and trains two and three to Norfolk.  He stated that Ms. Mitchell will provide a briefing to the HRTPO Board at the November 19, 2015 meeting.
8.     Military Liaisons Updates
Captain Pat Rios had no updates.
Lt. Colonel Norton had no comments or updates.
9.     Hampton Roads Transportation Accountability Commission Update
Mr. Kevin Page reported that HB2 applications have been submitted for HRTAC projects, bylaws and the FY 2015 Budget are being amended, policy and procedures documents are being created, a public plan of finance is being created, and there will be an HRTAC Now panel headed by Deputy Secretary Johnson at the Governor’s Transportation Conference on October 29, 2015.   
10. HRTPO Legislative Ad-Hoc Committee Report
Mr. Bob Crum and Dr. Camelia Ravanbakht briefed the HRTPO Board on the 2016 HRTPO Legislative Agenda.
After considerable discussion, the HRTPO Board agreed to defer this item until the November 19, 2015 Board meeting.
11. Hampton Roads Regional Priority Projects Status Update
Mr. Tony Gibson briefed the HRTPO Board on the status of HRTAC projects. He provided details on a list of nine projects to be funded wholly or in part with the Hampton Roads Transportation Fund (HRTF).
12. Hampton Roads 2040 Long-Range Transportation Plan: Candidate Project Evaluation Title VI/Environmental Justice Methodology
The HRTPO Board agreed to defer this item until the November19, 2015 Board meeting.
13. Freight Transportation Advisory Committee – 2016 Goals and Objectives
Mr. Arthur Moye briefed the HRTPO Board on a resolution of the Freight Transportation Advisory Committee establishing goals for 2016. This item was included in the meeting agenda for approval under item #18-J.
14. Economic Assessment of Tolls on Freight Transportation in the Hampton Roads Region
Mr. Jay Evans briefed the HRTPO Board on the results of a study conducted by Cambridge Systematics Inc. analyzing the economic trade-offs of tolling as a way to pay for transportation infrastructure. The focus of the study was to look at the competitiveness of freight transportation in the Hampton Roads Region.
15. Public Comment Period (limit 3 minutes per individual)
A citizen from Virginia Beach stated that supports the use of HRTF funds solely for roads, bridges, and tunnels.  She stated that she does not support allowing CEO designates to vote in HRTAC meetings.
16. Submitted Public Comments
There were no submitted public comments.
17. Transcribed Public Comments From Previous HRTPO Meeting
This item was for informational purposes.
18. Approval of Consent Items
The HRTPO Board unanimously approved the Consent Agenda items with the exclusion of items D and I.
19. HRTPO Board Three-Month Tentative Schedule
This item was for informational purposes.
20. Correspondence of Interest
This item was for informational purposes.
21. Minutes of HRTPO Committee Meetings
 This item was for informational purposes.
22. For Your Information
This item was for informational purposes.
23. Old/New Business
There was no Old/New business.

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