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2 MILE CHALLENGE: Bike to Fight Climate Change

2 MILE CHALLENGE: Bike to Fight Climate Change

Across the United States, approximately 40% of urban travel (whether to get to work, shop, go to school, or just have some fun) happens within two miles of where we live. Of that 40% of travel, 90% of that travel is done in the car. With Hampton Roads averaging 40 million vehicle-miles of travel a day, this roughly translates to just over 14 million vehicle-miles of travel that is most likely to occur within two miles of where we live by car. With such driving there are repercussions to our region, including but not limited to growing congestion, air quality concerns, health impacts, and lost economic productivity.


Now, you can start to make a difference in the way you travel those two miles. CLIF BAR has teamed up with several bicycle and pedestrian advocacy groups to create the 2 MILE CHALLENGE. The 2 MILE CHALLENGE is an endeavor for the public to replace those car trips under two miles by biking. The 2 MILE CHALLENGE is looking to replace 100,000 car trips with bike trips between May and October 2011.

The challenge is pretty simple.  Organizers have selected three non-profit team sponsors.  Each team recruits members, who log their miles traveled by bicycle from May to October.  Anyone can register online and join a team--and you don't even have to go to any meetings!

The gold team pedals for the Alliance for Biking and Walking, the blue team pedals for 350.org, and the red team pedals for the Safe Routes to School National Partnership.

Though the 2 MILE CHALLENGE looks to replace car trips with bike trips, the greater message of the challenge, as well as advocacy coming from US Department of Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood, is that there are alternatives to get where we are going without the car.

Make a commitment to saving money, getting exercise and helping the environment by riding your bike on short trips today – sign up here to be a part of the 2 Mile Challenge.