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HRTPO Creates New Freight Brochure

HRTPO Creates New Freight Brochure

As a supplement to the Hampton Roads Regional Freight Study, the HRTPO will develop a freight brochure containing material and data that will highlight the July 2017 updated report. The brochure aims to enlighten the public about the importance of regional freight policies, programs, and investments that will not only affect Hampton Roads, but the Commonwealth as well. 

The Hampton Roads Regional Freight Study serves as an all-inclusive report on the multimodal transportation system in Hampton Roads. This document details the movement of goods through all modes of freight: highways, ports, railways, and airports. Freight infrastructure affects countless areas of our lives through stimulating regional and global economic development.  This is a vital element of our local economy that will ensure the enhancement of regional connectivity, logistics, and quality of life throughout the region.

This full-color brochure will complement the full study, and serve as an outreach tool to describe the purpose, its significance, and commercial influence on the residents of our region.  To view the full study, click here.

The Hampton Roads Regional Freight brochure and the Hampton Roads Regional Freight Study Final Report will be available in July 2017.  If you are interested in ordering copies of the Freight brochure contact Sam Braden at sbraden@hrtpo.org

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