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Finding the Right Solution for Military Travel in Hampton Roads

Finding the Right Solution for Military Travel in Hampton Roads

Transportation Management and Engineering (TM&E) recently published an article “Finding the right solution: Commuting to the world’s largest naval station” in its Spring 2016 magazine.  This article focuses on how TRAFFIX—a cooperative public service—is integrating transportation demand management (TDM) strategies through ongoing partnerships with the HRTPO and the U.S. Navy.   Transportation demand management (TDM) is the application of strategies used to increase overall system efficiency by encouraging a shift from Single Occupant Vehicles (SOVs) to transit, ride-share and other non-SOV modes during peak commuting periods.  TDM emphasizes moving people rather than moving motor vehicles.  The overall objective is to reduce trips and vehicle miles traveled by providing incentives and information to modify travel behavior.

Established in 1995, TRAFFIX implements TDM strategies by offering information and services on transportation alternatives to area commuters in the Hampton Roads area, promoting and implementing a wide variety of programs and incentives, including carpooling and commuter matching, guaranteed ride programs, commuter rewards, park and ride/sail, vanpooling and teleworking.  The outreach staff works directly with employers and the military to educate, develop and implement transportation alternative programs for their employees.

TM&E is a supplement to the nationally recognized Roads & Bridges magazine that reaches over 62,000 monthly subscribers through print editions and 55,000+ online subscribers. 

To view a copy of the article CLICK HERE.

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