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LRTP EJ Analysis

LRTP EJ Analysis

HRTPO staff recently assessed 2040 Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) candidate projects using their newly developed Title VI/Environmental Justice (EJ) methodology. The results of this analysis have just been released in a draft report available to the public for comment.

The HRTPO is committed to the consideration of EJ in its planning process. The Title VI/EJ Methodology ensures that EJ is integrated in all planning activities.

In the assessment of LRTP candidate projects, specific EJ indicators were selected to help identify populations who have historically experienced barriers to the transportation planning process. Census tracts that had a higher percentage of any EJ indicator than the regional average were deemed to be an EJ community in that specific category. 

Each candidate project was assessed to determine which EJ populations would be potentially impacted and the extent of that impact. The results of this analysis will in part, help guide HRTPO public participation strategies with our 2040 LRTP Public Involvement program.

To review and comment on the Hampton Roads 2040 Long-Range Transportation Plan: Candidate Project Evaluation Title VI/Environmental Justice Methodology report, click here

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