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Project of the Month-Penniman Road-Government Road Improvements

Project of the Month-Penniman Road-Government Road Improvements

Each month, HRTPO staff will highlight a project that is currently being implemented within the Hampton Roads region.  This month, staff is highlighting the Penniman Road/Government Road Improvements project in York County.  The two roads currently meet in a Y-intersection along with William Carter Road. The project would move Government Road away from the Y-intersection, creating a separate T-intersection nearby.  William Carter Road would remain in place, creating a T-intersection there, as well. The intersections will not feature traffic signals.  This project will improve the safety of traffic movements at this intersection and also will include some functional and aesthetic improvements along a portion of Penniman Road.

The cost estimate for the project is approximately $5.5 million with roughly $1.5 million expended on the Preliminary Engineering and Right of Way phases as of March 2022.  Construction is set to begin this month and is scheduled for completion in September 2023.

Map of the location of  the Project of the Month: Penniman Road/Government Road Improvements

Source: HRTPO Staff

To learn more about this project, use the direct link below:


To view other projects in the region, visit the Hampton Roads Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) webpage at https://www.hrtpotip.org/.

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