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FHWA's Road Weather Management Program

FHWA's Road Weather Management Program

During the April 5th Hampton Roads Transportation Operations (HRTO) subcommittee meeting, Roemer Alfelor (FHWA) briefed the committee members on the FHWA Road Weather Management Program. The purpose of the briefing was to introduce the member localities to the Clarus Initiative, and explain how local Traffic Management Centers (TMC's) can support the initiative and use the data it collects.

The Clarus Initiative (www.clarusinitiative.org) aims to reduce the impact of adverse weather conditions on roadway users. Part of this initiative, the Clarus System (www.clarus-system.com) compiles weather stations across the US and Canada so that local users can monitor not only the weather in their area, but also the weather patterns that are moving towards them, allowing local governments to be prepared to respond to any inclement weather.

Currently, there are two VDOT weather stations in Hampton Roads that are attached to the Clarus system, and the City of Hampton has several roadway weather stations in its own system.

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