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In Memoriam: HRPDC Employee Richard Case

In Memoriam: HRPDC Employee Richard Case

Rick CaseGenerally, our web posts are about the many wonderful and positive things the HRPDC is doing in Hampton Roads. And, this post is about one of the people that contributed to the HRPDC’s work.  However, this post is not positive. It’s about loss.

On the morning of Friday, April 25th, Richard Case, HRPDC Facilities Superintendent, was involved in a traffic accident on the Twin Bridges while on his way to work. The injuries he sustained required that he be flown to Norfolk General on Nightingale. Unfortunately, Rick didn’t recover from his injuries and he passed away the following Saturday afternoon.

If you’ve attended a meeting at the HRPDC offices in the last 11 years, you saw Rick – he typically sported a black leather vest, indicative of his love for motorcycling -- or you were a beneficiary of the dedication to his job. It was his responsibility to ensure meeting rooms were prepped and ready for a meeting. He kept the temperature comfortable and our sound equipment going. He may or may not have fed you. Universally, if the meeting included coffee, Rick made sure it was hot, fresh and there was plenty available.

Rick also took care of the HRPDC staff too. He made sure our offices were clean, comfortable, and the furniture was in working shape.  He maintained the vehicles we use to travel to meetings and conferences in Hampton Roads and around the state of Virginia. If you read one of our reports, he had a hand in its production.  He was a go-to guy that did his job and excelled at it.

But Rick was more than the performance of his job. He was a spiritual man that, only after being asked, dispensed wisdom and advice far beyond his 63 years.  His non-judgmental approach to life and relationships were uniquely Rick’s and his perspectives, gained through a life spent searching for knowledge and enlightenment, made him a trusted confidante to many on the HRPDC staff.  Succinctly put, he was a caring and sincere individual who was a friend to us all.

While we mourn the loss of our friend and colleague, we are keenly aware that we share this loss with Rick’s friends and family.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his mother and family who live here in Hampton Roads, as well as his family in the Midwest.  Our hope is that, in time, they find peace and comfort as they carry on.

In closing, May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. In honor of Rick Case, please be careful and remember to share the road.

Rick Case Ribbon

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