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HRTPO New Staff, Roles and Department

HRTPO New Staff, Roles and Department

The HRTPO welcomes Uros Jovanovic, to Hampton Roads and to our team.  Uros, formerly of Belgrade (Serbia), joined the HRTPO on February 16th as a Transportation Engineer.  Uros is a recent graduate of the University of Maryland, having earned a Master of Science Degree in Civil Engineering. 


In other news, Robert B. Case, PE, PhD, has been redesignated  Chief Transportation Engineer.  The Chief Transportation Engineer is a Principal-level position with the responsibilities and authority of other Principal-level positions, plus specific additional duties including: leading studies that require a high level of technical research and analysis, coordinating HRTPO staff reviews of studies produced by other entities, and serving as the HRTPO staff point person in the absence of the Deputy Executive Director.


Mr. John, V. Mihaly has been promoted to Senior Transportation Planner.  John, who holds a Masters Degree in Urban and Regional Planning, will be responsible for transportation programming and funding; Transportation Improvement Program; Unified Planning Work Program; Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality; research and analysis, and special studies.

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