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Hampton Roads Regional Transit Vision Plan Report Released

Hampton Roads Regional Transit Vision Plan Report Released

Hampton Roads’ overburdened infrastructure will come under added pressure from population and employment growth over the next twenty years.  By 2034, the number of people living in Hampton Roads will grow from 1.67 million to 2 million.  The forecasted population growth poses a challenge for congestion management as the number of automobiles will also rise from 1.3 million to 1.8 million by 2034, triggering congestion on 30% of our major roadways in 2034.

The Hampton Roads Regional Transit Vision Plan (“Transit Vision Plan”), released by the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation, recognizes that a lasting solution to congestion

management cannot be achieved solely through roadway improvements.  The Transit Vision Plan provides a concept for a regional rapid transit network that connects major population and employment centers in Hampton Roads.  It envisions thoughtful and coordinated land use planning combined with specific transit modes that improve mobility options for the public. The purpose of the Transit Vision Plan is to provide a long-term framework for transit development, not a definite set of approved projects. As the Hampton Roads region selects projects for further study, planners, elected officials, and the public can collaborate to define the specific requirements, alignments and transit modes in accordance with local land use planning, alternatives analysis, environmental considerations and available funding.

The Transit Vision Plan offers implementation recommendations for the Short-Term (by 2025), Long-Term (by 2035) and Extended-Term (beyond 2035).  Table ES-2 of the Transit Vision Plan provides an overview of the recommendations and timeframes for Light-Rail, Bus Rapid Transit, Streetcar, Commuter Rail and High-Speed Ferry corridors.  Maps are provided in the report that shows the phasing and completed network of these corridors.  Click on each map to enlarge to full size.

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