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HRTPO Board Approves List of Projects and Studies for the 2034 Long Range Transportation Plan

HRTPO Board Approves List of Projects and Studies for the 2034 Long Range Transportation Plan

On March 17, 2011, the HRTPO Board unanimously approved a fiscally-constrained prioritized List of Projects and Studies to include in the region’s next 2034

Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP).  This action

represents an unprecedented 18 months of focused dialogue and regional cooperation to develop and approve an objective analysis of critically needed transportation improvements.    Furthermore, this is also the first time a formalized process for prioritizing transportation projects was used as input to rank regionally significant projects.

Projects and studies recommended for the LRTP must be fiscally-constrained per federal regulations.  The HRTPO must be able to demonstrate that reasonable funding exists to cover the costs associated with each recommended project in the LRTP.  In the face of scarce funding resources, HRTPO staff had the challenging task of evaluating over 150 candidate transportation projects that were submitted by transportation stakeholders and concerned citizens from across the region.  The price tag for these projects totals approximately $30 Billion.  Combining revenue sources from federal, state, the Governor’s Transportation Funding Proposal, local, and private investment, the region can expect slightly over $5 Billion in the next 20 years to invest in new transportation projects.  HRTPO staff utilized the Prioritization Tool to help rank projects based on their technical merits and regional benefits.  High-ranking projects were then selected based on funding sources available.

In spite of the limited funding resources, the HRTPO staff identified funding for approximately 50 projects and studies for the 2034 LRTP.  These projects range from widening roadways to relieve congestion including I-64 on the Peninsula, replacing and repairing critical bridges, improving interchanges and intersections, reinstating and enhancing passenger rail service, developing passenger rail stations, and adding new roadways for increased connectivity such as the I-564 Intermodal Connector as well as adding another tube to the Midtown Tunnel.  The approved list also includes several studies that will evaluate the benefits and impacts of major regional projects such as US Route 460, widening I-64 from Hampton Roads to Richmond, Patriots Crossing, widening the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel, Southeastern Parkway and Greenbelt, High-Speed and Intercity Passenger Rail, and the Virginia Beach Transit Extension.

For more information about the approved List of Projects and Studies for the 2034 LRTP, please visit the HRTPO website at www.hrtpo.org.

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