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DRAFT Hampton Roads 2045 LRTP: Fiscally Constrained List of Projects Available for Public Comment

DRAFT Hampton Roads 2045 LRTP:  Fiscally Constrained List of Projects Available for Public Comment

The Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization (HRTPO) has produced the draft 2045 Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) Fiscally Constrained List of Projects.  This project list outlines regionally significant transportation investments planned for construction or further study over the next 20 years.

The LRTP is a blueprint for enhancing the region’s transportation system and is updated periodically to reflect changing conditions.  LRTPs must be “fiscally constrained” or “financially feasible,” meaning that there must be enough funding to cover the costs of the projects identified in the plan.  For the past four years, HRTPO staff, in partnership with regional stakeholders, has been updating the LRTP to the horizon year of 2045, with the goal of identifying multimodal projects and studies aimed at improving economic vitality and quality of life for residents, businesses, and industries across Hampton Roads.  The identification of multimodal investments for the 2045 LRTP is based on a detailed evaluation of approximately 260 candidate projects using the Regional Scenario Planning Framework, the updated HRTPO Project Prioritization Tool, and available financial resources.

Over the next 24 years, the Hampton Roads region is forecasted to receive approximately $29.6 Billion to invest in the region’s transportation system.  Of this, $17 Billion is dedicated to maintaining and administering the existing transportation system.  The remaining $12.6 Billion is being used to constrain a number of multimodal investments ranging from interstate improvements to new bicycle and pedestrian facilities.  These improvements in combination with the maintenance of our existing transportation network will result in a system for the region that will help move people and goods more efficiently. 

Throughout the development of the 2045 LRTP, broad and extensive public outreach has been conducted.  Outreach has been designed to inform and engage the public in all elements of the LRTP, from considering multiple ways the region may develop over the next 20 years to the review of the draft project list.  On February 18, 2021, the public was invited to review and comment on the draft list.  The public review and comment period will remain open until March 19, 2021.

2045 HR LRTP Webpage Screen Capture

The 2045 LRTP webpage has links to the draft project list, draft Project Information Guide (includes one-page summaries of each draft project), an interactive map of the draft recommendations, and a link to the associated presentation that was provided to the HRTPO Board on February 18, 2021.  All interested parties are encouraged to review the draft 2045 LRTP project list and send comments to Ms. Dale M. Stith, Principal Transportation Planner, at dstith@hrtpo.org or by mail to 723 Woodlake Drive, Chesapeake, Virginia 23320 by March 19, 2021.

Next steps in the LRTP planning process include HRTPO Board approval of the draft project list and the adoption of the final 2045 LRTP in the summer of 2021.

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