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Roadway Travel in Hampton Roads Decreases in 2010

Roadway Travel in Hampton Roads Decreases in 2010

The amount of travel on roadways throughout Hampton Roads decreased last year, based on data from approximately 50 locations throughout Hampton Roads where traffic data is collected continuously throughout the entire year.  At these continuous count stations, the amount of daily vehicular travel in our region decreased 0.5% from 2009 to 2010.  Even some of the most congested locations in Hampton Roads saw decreases last year, including the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel (1.3% decrease), Downtown Tunnel (2.5% decrease), and Midtown Tunnel (0.3% decrease). 

Although the amount of roadway travel in Hampton Roads increased nearly every year through 2006, it has decreased three out of the last four years at these continuous count stations.  The amount of roadway travel was about 3.5% lower in 2010 than the highs seen in the region in 2006.

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