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FTAC Releases Committee Goals for FY12

FTAC Releases Committee Goals for FY12

The HRTPO’s Freight Transportation Advisory Committee (FTAC) established its goals for FY2012 (which begins July 1) at the June 2, 2011 FTAC meeting.  On June 16, 2011, these goals were presented to the HRTPO Board for its recommendation, which was granted. 

The HRTPO created FTAC to advise the Board on regional freight transportation requirements, conduct public outreach activities to raise awareness of the importance of freight transportation to the region, and to collect region-wide public input on these matters.

At its June meeting, FTAC established the following goals for FY2012:

1.    Apply for Regional Surface Transportation Program (RSTP) funding for a study that provides insight for balancing transportation improvements that attract freight and economic growth vs. toll rates that drive business from the region.
2.    Successfully deploy a public outreach program to educate the public, business community, and HRTPO about the importance of transportation to the movement of freight and how it contributes to the region’s economic growth. Also generate more resolutions to keep freight on the HRTPO agenda.
3.    Advocate for rail/intermodal improvements.
4.    Work to make freight issues a part of the HRTPO’s agenda for their annual meeting with the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB).

a.    Infrastructure is 15 times more expensive (bridge/tunnels) in Hampton Roads.
b.    Form a Freight Caucus for the General Assembly.

5.    Take actions leading the HRTPO Board and other subcommittees to move from talking about treating our transportation system as an interconnected network, to taking actions that treat it as a system.
6.    Select and advocate for top projects that promote freight movement and economic growth.
7.    Participate in discussions on national freight policy.
8.    Send an FTAC member to a national freight conference.

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