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Draft FY 2013 2018 Six Year Improvement Program

Draft FY 2013 2018 Six Year Improvement Program
HRTPO Staff Analysis

The HRTPO staff has reviewed and analyzed the Draft FY 2013-2018 Six-Year Improvement Program (SYIP), which was released on April 18, 2012.  Comprised of over 900 projects, the $10.6 billion draft program proposes $8.3 billion for highway projects and $2.3 billion for rail and public transportation projects.  The SYIP also includes the use of federal revenues to fund the GARVEE bond debt service in the amount of $407 million.  As shown in the graphic below, there is little change in the total allocations in this draft program compared to last year’s program.

Statewide Historical Six-Year Improvement Program Allocations

The Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) is scheduled to approve the FY 2013-2018 SYIP on June 20, 2012.

Highway Funding Overview

The draft SYIP proposes to allocate approximately $1.7 billion over the next six years to over 150 projects in Hampton Roads ($228 million for Interstate projects and $1.5 billion for Non-Interstate projects). Since the SYIP is updated annually, HRTPO staff conducted a more detailed analysis of the first year of the program (FY 2013) since it is likely that project allocations, schedules, and cost estimates will change for years two through six.

During FY 2013, the draft program proposes to allocate $479 million to highway projects, of which $18.6 million has been allocated to Interstate projects, including $12.6 million for the interstate portion of the Midtown Tunnel/Downtown Tunnel/MLK Freeway Extension PPTA project, $3 million for the Surface Repair and Rehabilitation of I-264, and $2.4 million for the ramp improvement at I-64 and Norview Ave.  The remainder of the first year funding  ($460.3 million) has been  allocated to Non-Interstate projects such as the widening of Dominion Blvd and Steel Bridge replacement in Chesapeake ($97 million); primary construction of the Midtown Tunnel/Downtown Tunnel/MLK Freeway Extension PPTA ($95 million); extension of Middle Ground Blvd in Newport News ($37 million); Lesner Bridge replacement in Virginia Beach ($30 million); and the continuous flow interchange at Military Hwy and Northampton Blvd in Norfolk ($17 million).

Regional projects that are scheduled to be completed during the six-year period include:

  • Chesapeake: Dominion Blvd widening/Steel Bridge replacement; Gilmerton Bridge replacement
  • Hampton: Wythe Creek Rd widening (Commander Shepard Blvd to City of Poquoson line)
  • Newport News: Atkinson Blvd construction (Warwick Blvd to Jefferson Ave); Bridge replacement over I-64 and CSX railroad; Middle Ground Blvd extension (Jefferson Ave to Warwick Blvd)
  • Norfolk: Hampton Blvd reconstruction (Rogers Ave to B Ave); Military Hwy widening (continuous flow interchange at Military Hwy and Northampton Blvd; Lowery Rd to Northampton Blvd; Northampton Blvd to the I-64 ramp to Robin Hood Rd)
  • Portsmouth: Western Freeway interchange construction at Pinners Point
  • Norfolk/Portsmouth: Midtown Tunnel/Downtown Tunnel/MLK Freeway Extension PPTA project
  • Suffolk: Nansemond Pkwy widening (at Shoulders Hill Rd)
  • Virginia Beach: Birdneck Rd widening (General Booth Blvd to Norfolk Ave); Holland Rd widening (Dam Neck Rd to Nimmo Pkwy); Lynnhaven Pkwy extension (Centerville Parkway to Indian River Road); Nimmo Pkwy construction (Holland Rd to General Booth Blvd); Witchduck Rd widening (I-264 to Virginia Beach Blvd)
  • York County: Route 17 widening (Hampton Highway to Dare Road) in York County


Studies to be conducted include the Light Rail Transit extension to Naval Station Norfolk and Virginia Beach Oceanfront and the Longhill Road Corridor Study in James City County.

Rail and Public Transportation Funding Overview

The draft SYIP includes $2.3 billion for rail and public transportation projects administered by the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT).  Some regional projects of note include:

  • Virginia Rail Enhancement Program: $1.3 million for the Norfolk International Terminals (NIT) Marshalling Yard project, which add approximately 6,000 linear feet of storage track.
  • Intercity Passenger Rail Operating and Capital Program:
    • $1.9 million to assist with the startup costs for the Amtrak Virginia extension to Norfolk
    • $24.2 million to subsidize the operating costs for the state-supported Amtrak routes in Virginia (starting October 1, 2013, all six regional trains will be the responsibility of DRPT to subsidize, including the five regional trains in the DC, Richmond, Hampton Roads (Newport News and Norfolk) corridor)

About the Six-Year Improvement Program:

The SYIP is updated annually and is the means by which the CTB meets its statutory obligation to allocate funds to interstate, primary and urban highway systems, rail, public transportation, airports, ports, and other programs for the immediate fiscal year.  The SYIP also identifies planned program funding for the subsequent five fiscal years.

The development of the FY 2013-2018 SYIP has focused on the following CTB priorities:

  • Fund deficits on underway project phases
  • Maximize use of federal funds to meet federal strategy
  • Fund underway project phases as well as project phases that start in the current Federal Fiscal Year 2012
  • Fund deficient bridges and paving projects
  • Increase funding for preliminary engineering
  • Support development of PPTAs
  • Support the Governor’s Initiative to move the Commonwealth’s fleet to alternative domestic fuels $4.0 million in CMAQ Terms
  • Allocate funds consistent with how they will be obligated and expended
  • Redirect inactive balances on projects

For more information about the Six-Year Improvement Program, please visit:http://www.virginiadot.org/projects/syp-default.asp.


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