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How Far Can I Go By Transit There's an App for That!

How Far Can I Go By Transit  There's an App for That!

Have you considered or hesitated ditching your car for transit? Transit is a mode of travel that gets commuters to work without commuters doing the driving. Transit is a mode that is less harmful to the environment than the car, plus cheaper on the commuter's wallet. Conversely, commuters may question whether they will get to work or run their errands on-time because they are unsure how long it would take by transit from their home or workplace.

Now, there's an App for that!

Mapnificent, a Google Maps application created by a German developer, takes transit schedule data from regional transit agencies, and creates a transit shed. A transit shed is an estimated area of destinations that you can travel to by transit from a given starting point, within a travel period. Mapnificent has been developed for the Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) service area to estimate how far one can travel on transit by just dragging a map pin for the starting point. Additionally the user adjusts a scroll bar for a desired maximum travel time to highlight destinations accessible within the set travel time on transit.

Mapnificent paired with Walkscore have been noted to be useful tools in deciding where to live in relation to work.  By having more options to get to work, you have more control of your commute.
Next time you are contemplating whether you can run that errand or get to work by transit, check Mapnificent by clicking HERE, to reassure yourself that, yes you can catch transit and leave the car keys at home.


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