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ACTION SUMMARY: HRTPO Board Meeting Summary May 21, 2020

ACTION SUMMARY: HRTPO Board Meeting Summary May 21, 2020

Action Summary
Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization Board Meeting
May 21, 2020
The Regional Board Room, 723 Woodlake Drive, Chesapeake, Virginia

1. Call to Order
The meeting was called to order by the Chair at 10:37 a.m.

Mr. Robert Crum, HRTPO Executive Director, stated that today’s meeting is being held electronically in response to Governor Northam’s Executive Order 53 and Executive Order 61 and to protect the public health and safety of the Board members, staff, and the general public. He indicated that the HRTPO will continue to hold electronic meetings until advised that it is safe to convene meetings in person. These remote meetings are required to complete essential business on behalf of the region.

Per the requirements of the Code of Virginia, the agenda was posted for today’s meeting and all attachments and supporting documentation on the HRTPO’s website over one week ago, and electronic copies were provided of this information to the Board members and other interested parties. Notice of the meeting was also posted for public review.

Mr. Crum noted that an audio recording is being made of today’s meeting and will be posted on the HRTPO website. In addition, the general public was provided an opportunity to provide comments on today’s meeting agenda via two options:

1. Members of the public were invited to submit comments to the Board/Commission via email.
2. Members of the public were also invited to call into a dedicated phone line where comments could be recorded for the Commission.

He stated that members of the public were also invited to call using a phone line where they can listen to today’s meeting. He noted that there were no submitted public comments via either option.

Mr. Crum thanked everyone for their cooperation and patience regarding the electronic meeting. On behalf of the HRPDC and HRTPO staff, he expressed his appreciation for the Board’s commitment to the region.

Attendance was recorded by roll call. Since a quorum was not achieved at the start of the meeting, Chair John Rowe continued the meeting with non-approval items.

2. Public Comments

A.  Public Comment Period (limit 3 minutes per individual)
There were no public comments.

B.  Submitted Public Comments
There were no submitted public comments in the agenda packet.
C.  Transcribed Public Comments from Previous HRTPO Meeting
This item was for informational purposes

3. Executive Director Report

Mr. Robert Crum, HRTPO Executive Director, provided a summary of current work activities of the HRTPO, making particular note of the following:

  • HRTPO staff created a COVID-19 dashboard on the HRPDC website (https://hrcovid19-hrpdc-gis.hub.arcgis.com/) to provide information, maps/data, and resourcesvconcerning the COVID-19 pandemic impact in the Hampton Roads region.
  • Mr. Crum, along with the region’s Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs) meet on avcontinuous basis via conference call to discuss the crisis and how the localities can assistvone another at this time.

HRTPO staff noted that another member had joined the meeting and a quorum was nowvachieved.

4. Approval of Agenda

Chair John Rowe stated that the Agenda could be approved without a roll call vote, as long as there were no objections from any Board members. No objections were noted. The HRTPO Board unanimously approved the agenda as written.

5. Hampton Roads Express Lanes: HRTAC Update on Status of Master Tolling Agreement

Mr. Robert Crum, HRTPO Executive Director reported that during the HRTPO Board meeting on October 17, 2019, the Board adopted a resolution endorsing the Hampton Roads Regional Express Lanes Network as a consistent HOT-2 network beginning on I-64 at Jefferson Avenue in Newport News, proceeding along I-64 through Bowers Hill in Chesapeake and continuing along I-664 to I-64 in the vicinity of the Hampton Coliseum. The resolution stipulated that funding, operation, and use of toll revenues of the Express Lanes Network be managed by the Hampton Roads Transportation Accountability Commission (HRTAC) through the Master Tolling Agreement (MTA).

Mr. Kevin Page, HRTAC Executive Director, stated that House Bill 1438 from the 2020 Virginia General Assembly and signed into law by the Governor, authorizes HRTAC to impose and collect
the tolls on the Regional Express Lanes Network. He noted that HRTAC transmitted the draft MTA to VDOT for review with communication between the two agencies continuing to produce
an MTA that is best for the region. Mr. Crum indicated that Agenda Items 7A (Hampton Roads 2040 LRTP Amendment and FY 2018-2021 TIP Amendments Related to the I-64 Express Lanes Network) and 7B (HRTPO Resolution Adopting the Hampton Roads Express Lanes Network as a Component of Regional Priority Projects) could now be considered for approval due to the positive MTA report provided by Mr. Page.

6. FY 2021 HRTPO Budget [Action Requested]

Mr. Robert Crum, HRTPO Executive Director, reported that the Joint HRPDC/HRTPO Personnel and Budget (P&B) Committee met electronically via conference call on May 7, 2020 to review the
proposed FY 2021 HRPDC/HRTPO Budget. Tthe Personnel and Budget Committee took the following action:

“The HRPDC/HRTPO Personnel and Budget Committee recommends approval of the FY21 Budget by the HRPDC and HRTPO Boards, with the condition that the budget be revisited
by both Boards at their October 15, 2020 meetings.”

Mr. Crum stated that the proposed FY 2021 Budget reflects a decrease of $187,398 from FY 2020. Member contributions will remain at the reduced $0.80 per capita rate approved in FY 2013.
A roll call vote was conducted and the HRTPO unanimously approved the HRTPO FY 2021 Budget with the condition recommended by the Joint P&B Committee as noted above.

7. Approval of Consent Items [Action Requested]

A roll call vote was conducted and the HRTPO Board unanimously approved the Consent Items as written.

8. HRTPO Board Three-Month Tentative Schedule

This item was for informational purposes.

9. Minutes of HRTPO Committee Meetings

This item was for informational purposes.

10. For Your Information

This item was for informational purposes.

11. Old/New Business

Mr. Robert Crum, HRTPO Executive Director, expressed his appreciation to the Board members for their patience during the electronic meeting.

Mr. Barry Cheatham, HRTPO Board Voting member, stated he was not seeking re-election to the Franklin City Council and a new representative from the City would attend the Board meeting on
July 16, 2020.


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