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Roadway Safety Continues to Improve in Hampton Roads

Roadway Safety Continues to Improve in Hampton Roads

The number of crashes continues to fall in Hampton Roads, as does the number of injuries and fatalities that result from crashes.  According to data released by the Department of Motor Vehicles, there were 23,142 crashes in Hampton Roads in 2010, resulting in 13,449 injuries and 121 fatalities.  Looking at these numbers another way, a crash occurred every 23 minutes throughout the region in 2009, with an injury occurring every 39 minutes and a fatality occurring about every three days.

The decrease in traffic crashes over the last five years is unprecedented.  The number of crashes in Hampton Roads in 2010 are not only the lowest number seen in decades but are also nearly 10,000 crashes lower than the 33,000 crashes that annually occurred in Hampton Roads in the middle of last decade. 

Many factors have contributed to this reduction in crashes.  The amount of vehicular travel in Hampton Roads has decreased slightly in recent years.  Improvements have been made to both vehicles and roadways to make crashes more avoidable, such as rumble strips and sophisticated braking systems.  Funding has also been devoted to identify high crash locations and make improvements.
For more information on roadway safety in Hampton Roads and how HRTPO includes roadway safety in the transportation planning process, please visit HRTPO's roadway safety website at http://www.hrtpo.org/HRTPO_Roadway_Safety.asp.