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Designated Hurricane Evacuation Routes and Future Planning

Designated Hurricane Evacuation Routes and Future Planning

As the 2010 hurricane season approaches, it is important to be aware of the designated evacuation routes in the Hampton Roads area in the event of an evacuation order. Being familiar with the official evacuation routes will facilitate a safe and efficient evacuation prior to the landfall of tropical storm winds. Currently, I-64 is the only route the Commonwealth plans to use with reversed lanes. However, the Commonwealth has designated the following roads as evacuation routes:

• Interstate 64
• State Route 10 west
• U.S. Route 13 north, (north of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel*)
• U.S. Route 17 north
• U.S. Route 460 west
• U.S. Route 58 west
• U.S. Route 60 west
*Not an evacuation route

At present, the HRTPO staff and HRTPO committees are working with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to review and develop any recommendations for improvement of the Hurricane Lane Reversal Plan. The purpose of the Plan is to “provide the framework and guidelines for an evacuation” of  the Hampton Roads region. The Hurricane Lane Reversal Plan will be used by local emergency managers, state and local police, and other agencies involved in planning, coordinating, and executing an evacuation. It is anticipated that HRTPO recommendations to the VDOT plan will be completed by late summer 2010.

To view Virginia’s 2009 Hurricane Response Plan, please visit: www.vaemergency.com/library/plans/hurrplan/index.cfm

To view VDOT’s Hurricane Evacuation Guide, please visit: www.virginiadot.org/travel/hurricane_default.asp

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