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Birthplace of America Trail

Birthplace of America Trail

Birthplace of America Trail

The Birthplace of America Trail study was adopted by the HRTPO Board on July 20, 2017.  The study has been ongoing for a year and a half and provides the region with a preferred route to connect the Virginia Capital Trail in Jamestown to Fort Monroe in Hampton and the western terminus of the South Hampton Roads Trail in Suffolk.  Once built, the Virginia Capital Trail, Birthplace of America Trail, and South Hampton Roads Trail will connect Richmond to Coastal Virginia with over 140 miles of separated paved off road trails.


HRTPO staff with assistance from VDOT and a subcommittee made up of localities and local agencies collaborated to provide technical and local input for alternative routes.  The consultants examined these alternatives with statistical analysis, prioritization and scoring to narrow the routes to a preferred alternative.  These preferred alternatives were provided to the subcommittee for review and finalized in March 2017.

Now that the study is adopted, HRTPO staff and localities will be working towards finding funding sources and marketing the trail.

For more information on the Birthplace of America Trail study, please click on the following link:








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