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HRTPO Releases New Active Transportation Webpage

HRTPO Releases New Active Transportation Webpage

A comprehensive transportation system is composed of many parts that make up the whole.  Active Transportation (AT) is a critical component of this system.  AT refers to all forms of human-powered transportation including but not limited to biking, walking, skateboarding etc.  AT usage numbers are on the rise across the region.  Hampton Roads saw an increase of 44% of bicycle commuters and 16% of those who walked to work from 2000-2013.  This trend mirrors the increases in these modes of transportation across the country.

The HRTPO recognizes these trends and has embarked on an update to our Active Transportation webpage to bring greater awareness to AT planning across our region. 

The main webpage includes an interactive map that includes existing bicycle facilities, proposed bicycle facilities, bicycle infrastructure (bike racks, bike corrals, etc.) designated national and state bike routes, local bicycle shops, skateboard shops, Hampton Roads Transit stops and routes, and Williamsburg Area Transit Authority bus routes.

The AT in Hampton Roads Today webpage includes information about safety, usage and bicycle and pedestrian laws, and facility types.  Links to multiple regional AT groups can also be found there.  The AT Planning webpage provides information to national, local, and HRTPO planning efforts.  The AT Funding webpage details common federal funding sources used in constructing AT projects.  The AT Projects webpage lists current Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) projects that contain an AT component.  And finally, the AT in the News webpage highlights media articles that discuss AT in Hampton Roads.

In addition to the AT webpages, the HRTPO has also launched its official HRTPO Active Trans Facebook page and HRTPO Active Trans Twitter.  Reach out and connect with us today on AT in Hampton Roads!



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