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Project of the Month:Deep Creek Bridge Replacement - City of Chesapeake

Project of the Month:Deep Creek Bridge Replacement - City of Chesapeake
Current photo of the Deep Creek Bridge area

Source: City of Chesapeake and VDOT

Each month, HRTPO staff will highlight a project that is currently being implemented within the Hampton Roads region.  This month, staff is highlighting the Deep Creek Bridge Replacement project in the City of Chesapeake. 

Built in 1934, the Atlantic Intercoastal Waterway (AIWW) Deep Creek Bridge is a federally owned and operated two-lane bridge that crosses the Dismal Swamp Canal at U.S. Route 17 Business.  The bridge has become functionally obsolete because of increasing traffic volumes, the narrowness of the roadway, and poor alignment with the connecting roads.

The project, conducted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, will replace the bridge with a 144-foot long, 60-foot wide five-lane drawbridge.  The project also includes improvements to the approaching roadways.  Once construction is completed, the AIWW Deep Creek Bridge will be operated, maintained, and owned by the City of Chesapeake.

The total cost estimate of the project is approximately $61.5 million, and to-date, $64,000 has been expended on the Preliminary Engineering Phase.  Utility relocations are currently underway and the project will be advertised for construction this month.  The contract will be awarded in September 2022, with construction beginning shortly afterwards.  It is scheduled for completion sometime in 2025.

Aerial Photo with Deep Creek Bridge Replacement project improvments

Source: City of Chesapeake

To learn more about this project, use the direct link below:


To view other projects in the region, visit the Hampton Roads Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) webpage at https://www.hrtpotip.org/.

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