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Final FY 2014 2019 Six Year Improvement Program Approved

Final FY 2014 2019 Six Year Improvement Program Approved

By Jessica M. Nappi, AICP, Senior Transportation Analyst

At its June 19, 2013 meeting, the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) approved the Final FY 2014-2019 Six-Year Improvement Program (SYIP).  The SYIP is a document that outlines planned spending for transportation projects proposed for construction development or study during the next six years.  The Code of Virginia requires the CTB to update the SYIP annually to allocate funds to interstate, primary, secondary and urban highway systems; public transit; ports; airports; and other programs for the immediate fiscal year.  The CTB-approved SYIP also identifies planned program funding for the succeeding five fiscal years.  The annual updates take into account updated revenue estimates, project schedules, and project costs; the results of studies; and revised transportation priorities.

The FY 2014-2019 SYIP allocates $14.4 billion for the Virginia Department of Transportation and Department of Rail and Public Transportation, a 26% increase from the previously approved FY 2013-2018 SYIP.  Most of the new funding will rebuild aging pavements and bridges and advance high priority projects statewide such as the Midtown Tunnel/Downtown Tunnel/MLK Freeway Extension PPTA and Route 460 PPTA projects in Hampton Roads. The final six-year program funding breakdown is below:

  • Highways and Bridges (VDOT) - $11.5 billion ($2.5 billion increase)
  • Rail and Public transportation (DRPT) - $2.9 billion ($.5 billion increase)

This significant increase can be attributed to the additional statewide funding as a result of the historic transportation funding plan (HB2313) passed by the General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Bob McDonnell this year. 

Of this $14.4 billion, over $1.767 billion will be allocated to the Hampton Roads District over the six-year period.  Projects of note that will be receiving significant allocations include:

  • I-64 Peninsula Widening
  • I-64/I-264 Pavement Rehabilitation
  • Improvements to the Norfolk Amtrak service to accommodate 2 more trains
  • Military Highway Widening (Norfolk)
  • Dominion Boulevard Widening and Bridge Replacement (Chesapeake)
  • Lesner Bridge Replacement (Virginia Beach)
  • Atkinson Boulevard Construction – PE Only (Newport News)
  • Holland Road Corridor Improvements (Virginia Beach)
  • Denbigh Boulevard Bridge Replacement over I-64/CSX Railroad (Newport News)
  • Centerville Turnpike Widening (Virginia Beach)
  • Multi-Modal Station (Newport News)
  • Wythe Creek Widening (Hampton)
  • Light Rail Study (Norfolk Naval Station and Virginia Beach Oceanfront)
  • Skiffes Creek Connector Construction (James City County)
  • George Washington Memorial Highway Widening (York County)

The FY 2014-2019 SYIP separately includes $1.3 billion from two new revenue sources for new construction projects on new or existing roads, bridges, and tunnels that would provide the greatest impact on reducing congestion in the Planning District 23 localities comprising the Planning District 23 as approved by the HRTPO.  As the HRTPO will have full purview and discretion on how and when to spend these dollars, the $1.3 billion will be set aside as a balance entry in the SYIP until the HRTPO identifies which projects they’d like to allocate these funds to.

For more information about the Six-Year Improvement Program, please visit:


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