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2034 Long Range Transportation Plan Public Meetings Held

2034 Long Range Transportation Plan Public Meetings Held

The HRTPO recently took to the road to hold public meetings regarding the 2034 Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). In meetings in Chesapeake and Williamsburg, citizens were given an opportunity to get informed and engage the HRTPO on the 2034 LRTP list of projects.

The public meetings provided a brief overview of the process in developing the LRTP, an opportunity to review the 2034 List of Projects for Air Quality Conformity, and final steps in the development and adoption of the 2034 LRTP before opening up for public commentary.

Participants at the two public meetings provided an engaged conversation on regional transportation issues, as well as submitted oral and written comments for incorporation into the 2034 LRTP. Topics that emerged from the conversation included transportation funding, congestion relief at chokepoints, multimodal passenger transportation opportunities (transit and passenger rail), and improved public communication techniques.

Going forward, VDOT and HRTPO will commence the Air Quality Conformity analysis on the 2034 LRTP List of Projects, with initial results anticipated in the Fall of 2011. The final 2034 LRTP is anticipated to be adopted by the HRTPO Board in early 2012.

Additionally, you can visit the HRTPO website at www.hrtpo.org or the plan’s website at www.keephamptonroadsmoving.com to continue providing comments and stay informed.

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